Personalized Business Coaching (With No Strings Attached!) for Educators and Experts Who Want To Package Up Their Experience and Expertise Online

Get the tailored help you need to grow your conscious business

I see you. Spinning around in circles with no clear sense of where you're going. Getting dizzy with all that doing, doing, doing, while your business goals gather dust on your vision board. It's time to stop the cycle of ongoing content creation, social media sharing and debilitating self doubt and do the work that will actually give you long term business success.
If you're ready to ditch the excuses and take your business to the next level, you have an exclusive opportunity to go on a series of "business dates" with me... no strings attached.
Together we'll work out the best way for you to grow a thriving and profitable conscious business by packaging up your experience and expertise online. On our virtual business dates we'll focus on what YOUR business needs RIGHT NOW to grow. Whether that's by growing an engaged email list, scoping out your offer that converts, crafting your sales funnel that guides subscribers to your offer, or mapping out a winning crowdfunding campaign that skyrockets your brand.
Here's your chance to give yourself and your business a boost, without the risk and commitment of a long-term coaching contract.

No Need To Tell Me More - I'm In!!!


Here's What You Get:

// 3 x 60 minute 1:1 mentoring sessions with Laura ($1997 value)

// Review of your website, funnels, offers and pricing ($1497 value)

// Personalised report after each session with tailored recommendations for YOUR business ($497 value)

// Clarity on the big picture vision for your business and a tailored roadmap to get you there (priceless)

// Learn from Laura's experience in achieving over $1 million in online sales in the sustainability niche and the tens of thousands of dollars she's invested in herself along the way (priceless)

// Tailored advice on where you need help right NOW to get unstuck and grow your business online (priceless)

// Over $4000 value for just $1997 (payment plan available)

Fiona Hooper
Fiona Hooper Osteopathy

“Teaming up with Laura was the turning point for not only my business but also my life! Laura's knowledge and experience is so invaluable. If you're looking for the Blueprint for online business success then you're in the right place!”

Anna D'Amelio
Miod Natural Skincare

"Working with Laura was one of the best business decisions I've made. It was so fantastic to have someone to bounce ideas off and check in with and particularly someone that also understood the challenges of running a business and being a mum. My business is now in an exciting new place and I'm so excited to see where things will go from here."

Anne Belcher
Branch Into Music
"I am two sessions in to my Conscious Coaching Taster with Laura and am feeling energised and excited! I had hit a brick wall with my business - was full of great ideas but completely lacking direction. Laura has an amazing ability to see the big picture and is helping me narrow my focus and prioritise my seemingly endless "To Do" list. I am working more efficiently than I have done in years and am seeing some real progress. Thank you Laura!"
Pricing Options
Single Payment
AUD 1997
  • // 3 X private 1:1 mentoring sessions with Laura (via Zoom/Skype)
  • // Review by Laura of your website, funnels, offer and pricing
  • // Personalized report after each session with tailored recommendations to grow YOUR business
  • // Clarity on the best path forward to make a bigger impact (and bigger profits) in your business
  • // Pay upfront and save
Payment Plan
AUD 750 /month
  • // 3 X private 1:1 mentoring sessions with Laura (via Zoom/Skype)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • // Review by Laura of your website, funnels, offer and pricing
  • // Personalized report after each session with tailored recommendations to grow YOUR business
  • // Clarity on the best path forward to make a bigger impact (and bigger profits) in your business
  • // Spread investment cost over three months
Julia Keady
CEO/Founder, The Xfactor Collective

"The Laura's of the world are so rare and so needed right now. Women who have been there & done it themselves, and are happy to coach you on the best, fastest and most efficient way to achieve your vision. Don't think twice. Just work with Laura. You won't regret it."

Victoria Gibson
Online Success Mentor for Women,

“If you're even remotely interested in growing your conscious business in the online space, look no further than Laura Trotta. Laura has an innate understanding of what it takes to create, grow and sell conscious businesses, and with her own personal runs on the board, she's the best person in the online space to help you do the same.”

"When we started coaching with Laura, we had pretty much been treading water in our business for 12 months - just staying afloat. We had a reasonable following on Facebook, an ok email database, an in-person workshop we ran and an eCourse. With Laura's guidance, we repriced both our workshop and eCourse, so are now making more money from both.

We adopted a much more structured and calculated launch for our eCourse which resulted in a significant jump in our email data base and our biggest launch of the eCourse in 3 years. Laura is a sharp operator, a perpetual researcher of the online business world and simply just down to earth. With her guidance, you can be moving your business forward too."
​​​​​​​ - Belinda Smith, The Root Cause

"Laura's experience and expertise gave me the confidence and know how to grow my brand, build my list, write a course and launch it. She has also helped me plan the path forward in my business too. She has done all this through her down to earth and positive nature. She has held me accountable when needed and pushed me to stretch myself when I've doubted my message or myself. If you are looking to grow your online business, I can't recommend Laura highly enough." - Bec Eli, Girl Empowered
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