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I work with Individuals and Organisations to reduce waste, remove toxins, and lower emissions to improve human health and the health of our planet

Join my community of conscious consumers learning how to live today without harming tomorrow.

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Through her award-winning online sustainable living courses and top-ranked Eco Chat podcast, Laura inspires a sense of “Wow! I can easily do this!” for thousands of eco-conscious citizens.

As an experienced environmental engineer she’s lived and breathed sustainability for decades, and as a busy mum, she understands the demands and juggle of modern life.

In her actionable, judgment-free and down-to-earth style, Laura empowers even the busiest and newest eco hero to bypass overwhelm and green guilt, and start taking small steps to create a healthier and more sustainable home and lifestyle.

Laura also mentors ecopreneurs to build an eco business or enterprise to make an even bigger impact.


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The Top-Ranked, Action-focussed Eco Chat Podcast

Raise your hand if you also think that podcasts should do more than just to help you “pass the time” while commuting, cleaning or working out? Yeah, me too!

With leading experts, simple action plans, and judgment-free advice pumping through your earbuds, Eco Chat has earned its stripes as *can’t miss* listening for thousands of eco-conscious citizens like you who are keen to reduce their footprint on our planet.


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Reduce Waste

How to reduce plastic and food waste and live with less

Reduce Toxins

How to reduce chemicals in your home and improve your family’s health

live lighter

How to eat sustainably, grow your own food, and use resources wisely to live lighter on our planet