Hi. I’m Laura.


 I Teach Conscious Consumers Simple Strategies to Reduce Waste, Live Toxin-Free, and Reduce Their Impact On Our Planet 


I Help Eco-Conscious Businesses Package Their Knowledge and Services into Leveraged Offerings so They Can Make a Bigger Impact and Earn with Ease 


How Can I Help You?

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I Want to Reduce Waste, Live Toxin-free, and Stay Motivated Without Overwhelm, to Improve The Health of My Family and Our Planet

ECO Business Coaching

I Want to Package My Knowledge and Services Into Leveraged Offers Online So I Can Make A Bigger Impact and Earn More with Ease

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Get the strategies and support to grow your sustainable and ethical business online in Eco Business Collective! 

Eco Business Collective is the perfect combination of premium community + business coaching support to help you grow a thriving and profitable eco business.

Eco Business Collective is your opportunity to be coached by an experienced eco business coach (that’s me!) who can help you with the digital marketing AND sustainability aspects of your business.

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Five Positive Environmental Stories From 2020

Five Positive Environmental Stories From 2020

While 2020 saw Covid-19 ravage human populations and communities around the world, there were many positives throughout the year for our local, regional and global environments. Air pollution improved in many cities in China, Europe and the US, water quality also...

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How to Become a Carbon Neutral Certified Business

How to Become a Carbon Neutral Certified Business

If your business, company or organisation wishes to become carbon neutral to reduce their environmental impact and demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability, this episode is for you. I’m joined by Polly Hemming from Climate Active to discuss the steps business...

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