Hi. I’m Laura.

 I Teach Conscious Consumers Simple Strategies to Reduce Waste, Live Toxin-Free, and Reduce Their Impact On Our Planet


I Help Educators and Experts Build a Thriving and Profitable Business, and Make a Bigger Impact in the World, by Packaging up their Experience and Knowledge Online

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I Want to Reduce Waste, Live Toxin-free, and Stay Motivated Without Overwhelm, to Improve The Health of My Family and Our Planet

Conscious Business

I Want to Package my Knowledge and Expertise Online So I Can Make A Bigger Impact In The World and Earn More with Ease

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Package Your Knowledge Bootcamp 




Learn how to make a bigger impact and earn with ease by packaging your knowledge and expertise online. 

In this 4-week course I’ll teach you the fundamentals to help you break away from 1:1 work, stop trading time for dollars and become a recognised global leader in your field.

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4 Alternatives To Single Use Bin Liners

4 Alternatives To Single Use Bin Liners

Many households who are making an effort to reduce the volume of single-use plastics they consume have trouble replacing one item…..finding a suitable sustainable alternative for their rubbish bin liner. In fact, it was only a few short years ago when the Eastern...

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Pandemic Money Blocks That Are Costing Your Business

Pandemic Money Blocks That Are Costing Your Business

PaNDemic money blocks that are costing your business The current Covid-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it and our businesses are not exempt from its impact. Daily news reports of the economic fallout from the pandemic are enough to give any entrepreneur the...

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