About Laura

Hi, I’m Laura


Like many impact-driven entrepreneurs keen to change the world in a big way, I took my passion online.  Ten years’ ago I created my first online venture while on maternity leave from my environmental engineering career, an eco-baby e-commerce business called ‘Sustainababy’.

It grew quickly and by 12 months, despite just working an hour or so each day when my baby napped, my biz was turning over 6-figures in revenue and I was exporting products all around the world from my tiny town in Outback South Australia.

​​​​​​​Within a couple of years my business was paying me a solid “wage”, I’d collected a swag of local, regional and national business awards and was managing a small team.

Sustainababy continued to grow into a successful ethical brand, but after managing the business for six years around birthing my babies and raising young children, I was keen for a change. I sold the brand in 2015 to focus on building my sustainable living e-courses and supporting my coaching clients to grow their conscious businesses online.

I created and launched my Home Detox Boot Camp e-course and Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs membership and have guided well over 1,000 participants all over the world to create a healthier, more sustainable home. Thousands more tune into my Eco Chat podcast each month. In fact, when I launched Eco Chat, it flew out the gates to go straight to no.1 in New and Noteworthy for its iTunes category!

I’ve experienced countless highs (heelllllooo crowdfunding $40K for sustainability projects including my ship berth to Antarctica!) and my fair share of lows (there was this one e-course I launched that no-one purchased) during my conscious business journey. These experiences have only strengthened my ability as a business coach. You will learn from my wins and mistakes valuable business lessons!

So much has changed in the 10 years since I created my first conscious business (smartphones weren’t even a thing back then), but the fundamentals are the same….. a solid business model that provides for recurring revenue, a smart strategy to drive traffic to your website/s and efficient systems that help you to scale your conscious business with ease. I can show you how to do all these……

To say that growing my conscious business online has changed my life would be a massive understatement. It enabled me to continue to work on sustainability causes that are close to my heart and make my positive impact in the world, while simultaneously caring for my young family.

Through creating multiple successful conscious businesses online, and coaching many conscious business builders to do the same, I’ve discovered exactly what it takes to grow an impact-driven business in the online space.  Armed with this knowledge and runs on the board I’ve created CONSCIOUS BUSINESS BUILDERS to guide and support you to make a bigger impact.