You’ve got a fire in your belly.

Maybe you’re passionate about the environment, maybe it’s education, maybe it’s a health, social or community issue.

Perhaps you want to build a business, launch a product, or start a store.

You might be trying to influence your community, or your country, or hell – even start a worldwide revolution!

Whatever it is you’re aiming for, there are 3 things you know for sure:
You’re on a mission.
You’re ready for action.
And you want to turn this into your life’s work.

Which means… you’re gonna need to figure out how to actually make some money out of it!!

“You can’t make a decent living while trying to save the world.”

“Can’t you just pursue your passion on the side – like, as a hobby?”

“If you were serious about making a difference you wouldn’t try to profit from it.”

“Great idea, but you’re a busy mum – when are you actually going to find the time to do this?”

“Who are you to think people will listen to you?”

Yeah, I’ve heard ’em all before.

When I first began throwing around the idea of starting an online eco business in 2009, I got the full gamut of questioning and criticism from many of the people around me….

Why would you leave a good job to do something that might not pay the bills?

Why would you turn your back on a promising engineering career that you’ve worked so hard for?

Why can’t you just focus on looking after your young family and enjoy being “just a” mum?

And to be honest, there were also a whole heap of fears raging inside my own mind as well…

Was this really viable?
Was I putting my family’s future in jeopardy?
Was I being selfish and pig-headed by even wanting to make a bigger difference?
And why couldn’t I have been born more “normal”?

(Read: someone who’s content to be a mum and have a ‘regular’ job, and not feel an insatiable burning need to save the entire planet!)

But even though there was definitely a hefty dose of fear present, there was also something else churning beneath the surface: fierce determination. On a deep-down level, I knew I didn’t have a choice – some way, somehow, I NEEDED to live and breathe this cause that was so important to me; I had to find a way… And I knew there was nothing that would stop me from giving it a red-hot go.

Along with this determination to make a positive difference in the world, I was adamant about something else too: I wanted to create a successful business while doing so.

I mean, let’s face it: I had bills, kids, a car, a mortgage – all the usual accoutrements of modern day life, and all of which require a regular stream of cash to maintain.

And there was no way I was going back to the corporate world – trying to juggle that and motherhood was NOT how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I wanted to work on my own terms, while changing the world… .And I honestly believed it wasn’t too much to ask… (Crazy much?!)

On top of all that,
I fundamentally rejected the idea that doing
something good for the world meant I had to
forsake earning good money,
or that going after one of these goals
automatically ruled out the other.

The way I see it, every time a change-making business becomes successful,
they’re doing TRIPLE DUTY on the world-saving front:

They’re making a direct change in their chosen area of focus.

They’re transforming the entire business market, by showing others that doing business in a conscious way can still result in financial success.

And they’ve got more money and resources to support the cause that’s so
incredibly important to them.

It’s win-win-win.

This triple-whammy of world-changing is a powerful thing, and has so much
potential to change the way our entire society does business – on both a macro and a micro scale. Buuuut… it’s not always easy to straddle the divide between the two worlds, and there can be a lot of roadblocks along the way…

Which is precisely why I created…
Conscious Coaching
Business coaching for women who want to change the world

What this program is…

This is a personalised 1:1 coaching program for conscious business owners (or conscious idea owners, who haven’t quite gotten to the business stage yet!) who want to make an impact on the world AND build a successful business

How we roll…

Following selection of your coaching package we’ll dive straight to the core of your mission, and develop the vision and blueprint you’ll be implementing throughout our time together. During your tailored coaching sessions we’ll be implementing a range of different strategies and systems based on your unique needs. 

Key Topics we can focus on include:

Your Ability to make an impact

  • How to ‘do a Bill Gates’ and hone in on the way you can make the MOST impact and the BIGGEST difference to the world
  • How to create a legacy that radiates out into the world, and that becomes even bigger than you ever imagined
  • How to build your profile and position yourself as a thought leader (including how to get media attention and speaking engagements)
  • How to grow your audience through content marketing, social media and podcasting (or whatever digital medium you prefer!)
  • How to interact with and empower your audience in a way that maximises growth and engagement (but that doesn’t burn you out)

Your Business Model + Income Streams

  • How to hone in on which products or ideas will provide the best source of income and give you the greatest ROI
  • How to build sales funnels that generate leads and convert your readers into customers
  • How to package your knowledge and expertise into passive and leveraged income streams
  • How to create content that attracts your customers like bees to (organic, sustainable) honey, and that expands your audience reach exponentially
  • How to uplevel your money mindset, charge what you’re worth and get it!

How you feel in your business

  • How to stop feeling like a fraud and second guessing yourself (and your ability to make a difference)
  • How to deal with critics in a way that positions you as a leader (plus the mental and emotional components of dealing with naysayers)
  • How to power through resistance and uncertainly and get more done in your business (even if you’re a first class procrastinator!)
  • PLUS how to deal with the overwhelm that can cripple business owners who are not only trying to make money but trying to save the whole damn planet at the same time! 😉
Remember, each session is completely unique to YOU and where you’re at in your business. We’ll be focusing on the areas that can be highly leveraged to ensure you get the biggest results… It’s all about maximising your impact AND your ability to make money.

Why you should coach with me…

I’ve created and sold successful conscious businesses.

Nothing gets my goat more than ‘coaches’ who’ve never actually had any business experience other than as a coach! (Actually that’s not true, there’s PLENTY that gets my goat more – peeps who don’t recycle, mining magnates ruining the environment, oil tankers running aground on coral reefs… The business coach thing is way down the list – but it’s still annoying!!)

Hiring me as your coach means you KNOW you’re working with someone who’s actually been there, done that, and got the (organic cotton) T-Shirt.  (I’ve also got a bunch of business awards to my name and founded my first online eco start-up, the hugely popular (and profitable) Sustainababy in 2009. I sold Sustainababy in 2015 to focus on my online eco-living education programs, Eco Chat podcast and business coaching.

Say no more, I’m ready!

Laura has been featured on: 

Of course, I’m also mum to to energetic boys…

So I know what it means to do all of the above with limited time, a never-ending stream of dirty laundry and The Wiggles playing on repeat in the background 😉

And I’ve been able to do all this AND plant a small forest of hundreds of native trees in my home state of South Australia at the same time, through my biz donations to my favourite eco charity…

All of which is to say: When it comes to building a successful conscious business, I have runs on the board, And I can show you how to do it too.

I’m also an accomplished environmental engineer (so have a well-developed right side brain for business strategy and systems), a former certified ONTRAPORT Consultant (so am highly skilled in online business automation) and a certified Money Breakthrough Business Coach (so have the toolkit to help you break through money blocks and upgrade your money mindset).

With ONTRAPORT, all your business tools, data and customer information is in one system and everything works together seamlessly. You’ll create better customer experiences, increase sales and you can automate everything, saving a tonne of time.

When you coach with me you’re working with someone who’s just as comfortable talking big picture strategy as the smallest action you need to take to achieve your vision….. In fact, my “zone of genius” is actually helping you get clarity on your vision and chunking down the best path for you to achieve it in the fastest way possible.

And most importantly of all, I GET CONSCIOUS BUSINESS!

You know what? I’ve worked with a heap of business coaches and mentors in my time. All of them were lovely, many of them were helpful, some of them led to major results… yet none of them truly got what it means to have a conscious business.

In fact, many of them didn’t believe in my ‘WHY’ at all. They were too busy focusing on profit and reach and making-money-at-all-costs, which just didn’t translate to my heart-based, authentic eco business.

The result was that I started to doubt myself, my ideas, even my entire business model – not exactly a mindset conducive to growth and success!

The thing is, as a conscious business owner… you’re different. Your business model is different, your following is different, your content is different. Heck, the very reason you got into this whole business thing in the first place is (you guessed it) different.

(Oh, and as a side-note, compared to other business owners, we’re more likely to be held to a higher standard, questioned about our motives, and even criticised over our right to do business in the first place… It’s the price we pay for the privilege of changing the world.)

All of which is to say: If you’re running a conscious business, you need someone who understands the playing field. Who is truly aligned with your ‘why’. Who gets that your driving factors might be different to other entrepreneurs. Who recognises that you’ve got competing priorities that need to be juggled and balanced and optimised…

… And, at the same time, who can also help you make a genuine impact, and a genuine profit

That’s the unique combination I bring to the table, and that’s why I can help make such a difference to your business.

Ready to take your conscious business to the next level?

This coaching is for you if…

You have a business, an idea, or a dream of changing the world, and you want to get serious about making it successful.

You’ve been encountering doubts about what you’re doing – maybe from your partner, your parents, your friends… even from the pesky voice inside your own head.

You’re sick of working with coaches who are driven by profit alone. You yearn for a coach who is as excited about your ‘WHY’ as you are, but who has the business nous to help you smash your goals.

You know you need more accountability in your business – someone who’ll inspire you into action… and who won’t settle for any of your crappy excuses! 😉

You’re tired of being overwhelmed by the 63 different paths you could take, and the crazy amount of ideas in your head. You’re craving CLARITY and CERTAINTY.

You struggle to see the bigger picture when it comes to your ideas. Or conversely, you might have the bigger picture down pat, but struggle to tease out the tasks and milestones you’ll need to put in place to get there.

And most of all, you’re an ACTION TAKER –
You’re prepared to show up, dig deep, and make it happen.

And, on the flipside, this is NOT for you if…

You’re not driven by a sense of purpose or mission. Or if you’re a dreamer, not an action taker. It’s totally fine if that’s the case, it just means that I’m not the coach for you.

Here’s what people have to say about me and my work…

Before I made the decision to work with Laura I had not actively worked on growing and promoting my business for well over a year and had lost direction and inspiration.  I was feeling very dis-empowered and confused.  I had ideas about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do but no idea how to go about it.

While working with Laura I suddenly gained inspiration and picked up momentum to move forward with new ideas.  Things started changing after the first week as I started getting things done.  I said yes to a lot of big decisions such as building a new website and hiring someone to help me with some aspects of running the business.  I took risks and made changes that previously seemed impossible.

It was so great to have the support of someone else, particularly someone who has been through it before and faced many of the same challenges.  My business is now in an exciting new place with a new website and a new online course which is something I have wanted to do for a long time but never knew how.  Laura helped me so much with this and I am so excited to see where things will go from here.

I’ve also made big leaps in how I interact with my customers on social media and my following has dramatically increased.  I feel so much more confident in where I am at the moment and where I am going with my business, and most importantly I am enjoying it again.

Working with Laura was one of the best business decisions I made,  it was so fantastic to have someone to bounce ideas off and check in with and particularly someone that also understood the challenges of running a business and being a mum.  I would recommend Laura to anyone that feels stagnant and confused about their business and really wants to kick start things.  She has so much experience and knowledge to share, and is also really passionate about what she does.  It’s so nice to work with someone that believes in what you do and wants you to succeed.

Anna D’Amelio, Miod Natural Skincare

When we started coaching with Laura, we had pretty much been treading water in our business for 12 months – just staying afloat. We had a reasonable following on Facebook, an ok email database, an in-person workshop we ran and an eCourse. With Laura’s guidance, we repriced both our workshop and eCourse, so are now making more money from both.

We adopted a much more structured and calculated launch for our eCourse which resulted in a significant jump in our email data base and our biggest launch of the eCourse in 3 years. Laura is a sharp operator, a perpetual researcher of the online business world and simply just down to earth. With her guidance, you can be moving your business forward too.

Belinda Smith, The Root Cause

I came to Laura looking for a coach and mentor to help get me started in the online space. I had big visions and plans but I didn’t really know where or how to start. Laura’s experience and expertise gave me the confidence and know how to launch my brand, build my list, write a course and launch it. She has also helped me plan the path forward in my business too.

She has done all of this through her down to earth and positive nature. She has held me accountable when needed and pushed me to stretch myself when I’ve doubted my message or myself. If you are looking to launch or build your business, I can’t recommend Laura highly enough.

Bec Eli, Girl Empowered

I still can’t believe that I have found Laura on my very own doorstep. Working with Laura has highlighted that with the correct direction and support, a mum like myself living so remote can launch and run a successful online business.

Laura has pushed me well beyond my comfort zone which I didn’t think was possible and now feels so liberating. Teaming up with Laura was the turning point for not only my business but also in terms of personal growth and I am so confident that I can create something that will impact so many lives and have the work – life balance I’ve been looking for.

Laura’s knowledge and experience is so invaluable.  If you’re looking for the Blue print for business success then you’re in the right place!

Fiona Hooper, Fiona Hooper Osteopathy

It IS possible to change the world and make money at the same time. And I can show you how…

Got any questions?

Does it matter what my particular area of passion or focus is?
No. Mine is the environment and sustainability – the need to be an advocate for the planet is baked into my DNA. But your passion can be anything – health, wellness, social, community, indigenous issues… I group all of these together under the one umbrella: conscious business. If you identify with this, I encourage you to apply.
I have a great idea, but haven't actually started a business yet. Can I still enroll in this program?
Absolutely. In fact, getting this kind of laser-focused coaching during the preliminary stages of your business can help you avoid the common pitfalls that so many newbie entrepreneurs encounter, and help you get you to where you want to be faster.
How are the coaching sessions conducted?

All sessions are conducted over Zoom.

This definitely sounds like my kind of program... What now?

Great! To get started, click on the “Apply Now’ button, and you’ll be directed to my calendar – you can then book in for a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call, where we’ll work out whether we’re a good fit for each other.

You’ll also be prompted to fill in a mini questionnaire, so that I can get to know a bit more about your mission, your message, and where you’re at in your business.

Once we decide which coaching package is best for you (VIP Strategy Day, 90-day private coaching or Eco Business Collective) and your payment/ contract is finalised, we’ll get started scheduling our first session together. And THEN, of course, we’ll get down to the business of making an impact and making YOU a decent living. ☺

Do you offer a refund if I'm not satisfied?
Due to the intensive one-on-one nature of this work, I don’t offer refunds. Our initial Discovery Call is our chance to figure out whether we’re right for each other. After that, once we’ve started working together – and even between our actual sessions – I’ll be generating ideas for you, analysing possibilities, and coming up with new and better ways to move you forwards… All of which is to say, when you sign up to work with me, I’m all in. So I ask that you show this same commitment to the process too.
What kind of results can I expect?
There’s no hard and fast rule here, because my clients come from such diverse industries, backgrounds, and starting points. BUT, what is absolutely crystal clear is this: If you’re prepared to commit to taking action throughout our time together, you will accomplish massive things. Mountains can be moved simply by showing up, doing the work, and being consistent.

Depending on what areas we focus on, you can expect results like: an increased audience and email list (with systems in place so that it continues to grow while you sleep), a greater ROI on the time and energy you put into your business (when you learn how to focus on only the RIGHT things, your results snowball that much faster), passive income streams that earn you money – even when you’re not actually working (#TheBest), increased revenue and profits in your business, more publicity and a greater public profile, and – most importantly of all – a heightened ability to make an impact on the world in the way that’s most important to you.

Yes! I want to change the world AND build a successful business!