The ultimate guide to saving the environment –
one tiny tweak at a time.

Creating a greener, healthier planet – and a better future for our children – is not some far-fetched pipe dream. It’s something that’s within our control; that we absolutely have the power to impact and influence. You just need to know how…

Think Global Act Local is the go-to guide for people who want to make choices that promote the health and sustainability of our planet in an achievable, realistic way. There’s no need to move to a mud hut or give up your car, this is about making small, practical shifts that can have a massive impact on the environment – and that can also be a whole lot of fun along the way!

What people are saying

<div class="ezy-col-2"><br /> <div id="first-con"><img src=""/></div><div id="second-con"><p style="text-align: left; font-size:20px; padding:0px !important;"><span style="color: #ffffff; margin-left: 35px;">LISA MUNROE</span></p></br> <p> Laura Trotta’s eguide Think Global Act Local is another wonderful example of the fabulous work she undertakes. Laura's recommendations are always practical and easy to do, and make eco living easy! The eguide is full of so many wonderful tips that will not only save the environment but will save me money too! Thanks Laura" </p>
<p><strong>Lisa Munro</strong>, Founder and Owner of <a href="htp://" target="_blank">Happy Tummies</a></p></div></div>
<div class="ezy-col-2"><br /> <div id="first-con"><img src=""/></div><div id="second-con"><p style="text-align: left; font-size:20px; padding:0px !important;"><span style="color: #ffffff; margin-left: 35px;">REBECCA HURST</span></p></br> <p> What a great eguide! It can be quite overwhelming and almost depressing about the state of our environment. Laura points out how important these little changes are and how they can be easily achieved by every household. Think Global Act Local helps me to implement little changes that can make a difference. </p><P><strong>Rebecca Hurst,</strong> Founder <a href="" target="_blank">4MyEarth</a></P></div></div>
<div class="ezy-col-2"><br /> <div id="first-con"><img src=""/></div><div id="second-con"><p style="text-align: left; font-size:20px; padding:0px !important;"><span style="color: #ffffff; margin-left: 35px;">MONIQUE PHIBBS</span></p></br> <p> I’ve always considered myself to be pretty environmentally friendly but Laura manages to keep teaching me new things that I can do to make my footprint smaller. I love how her tips in ‘Think Global Act Local’ are easy to understand and to implement. She is so knowledgeable on the subject that I can feel 100% confident in the information she provides.</p><p><strong>Monique,</strong> Clinical Psychologist and Founder of the <a href="" target="_blank">Nourished Psychologist</a></p></div></div>
<div class="ezy-col-2"><br /> <div id="first-con"><img src=""/></div><div id="second-con"><p style="text-align: left; font-size:20px; padding:0px !important;"><span style="color: #ffffff; margin-left: 35px;">LISA WHITE</span></p></br> <p> Laura Trotta is passionate about preserving our beautiful planet. Her 101 tips in Think Global Act Local are the real deal. This book is filled with practical things you can do today to start making a difference as well as raising your awareness of the bigger things you can think about and work toward in your home and lifestyle. Laura is not afraid to tackle the big issues along with the small ones when showing you what you can do today to do your bit about saving our beautiful planet. If you have a desire to make a difference and preserve our planet, downloading this e-guide will be the best thing you do all day. </p><p><strong>Lisa White,</strong> naturopath and nutritionist and Creator and Producer of <a href="" target="_blank">Alternative Chef Kitchen</a></p></div></div>

Ever felt powerless to create change? Ever
wondered whether it’s even worth trying
to save the planet? Surely one person can’t
actually make a difference, right?!


There are so many small choices and tiny tweaks you can make that can improve the overall health of our beautiful Earth. Whether it’s climate change, pollution, waste, ocean systems, biodiversity, whatever; you have so much more power than you realise. With this eBook you’ll discover how to HARNESS that power so you can start taking control of your choices and creating serious shifts. It’s educational, it’s informative, it’s entertaining… and it’s packed with powerhouse tips that will help you change the world – one baby-step at a time!

Get instant access, so you can
start creating a better future for yourself and your children, like, right now!


None of us have unlimited time or money. This guide will show you the changes and switches you can make that will have MAXIMUM impact, without needing to spend an arm and a leg, or adding to your workload.

With my industry-specific qualifications and experience, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to give you strategies and techniques that actually work, and that are worth your time and effort.

Want to feel better in your own skin, know that you’re caring for the planet, and set your children up for a sustainable future?
This is critical information you NEED to know.

This guide goes through the top 7 environmental issues facing our planet today, in an empowering, easy-to-understand way. We cover:

  • Overpopulation: Think that this issue is out of your hands? Think again. There are plenty of ways to reduce the impact of overpopulation on the planet (no matter what size your family is).
  • Climate change: There’s no denying this is a hot issue (pun intended) and one we desperately need to address. Find out the truth about this phenomenon, why timely action is imperative, and how to make the most difference in your household.
  • Habitat and biodiversity loss: Animals are often the ones who suffer most from our environmental actions. Find out the BEST ways to help our furry friends and ensure their survival isn’t threatened.
  • Water security: After air, water is the most essential requirement for human life. Yet so many of our daily actions are hazardous to our water supply. Find out the easy-as-pie switches and choices YOU can make to preserve our ongoing water security.
  • Ocean system collapse: Eat sushi? Fish and chips? Then you NEED to read this. Discover the ethical impact of what you’re consuming and learn how to make informed choices that aren’t contributing to the problem.
  • Pollution: Just because you don’t want to give up your car doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of powerful ways to reduce your household’s pollution levels. Learn the easy strategies to downgrade your carbon footprint and ensure you’re not poisoning the planet.
  • Waste: This is an area where so many people don’t realise the massive positive impact they can have. Discover the consumer choices you can make (and the household habits you can embrace) to drastically reduce your wastage.


Laura is an absolutely trusted resource for me about creating a sustainable home and caring for the environment. Laura is not only well qualified academically as an Eco-Living educator, but her personal experience as a mother ‘walking her talk’ creates an authentic connection with readers and clients. Best of all, she shares this important information in a warm, non- judgmental way that is accessible to those of us who don’t have an academic science background.

Pinky McKay, IBCLC lactation consultant and best-selling baby care author.


Laura is not just another online “Guru”! She knows her stuff! She is qualified in environmental engineering and science and has a knack for translating scientific jargon into easily understandable language that anyone can make sense of. She radiates passion for creating a healthy home and you can’t help but become excited about what she teaches!

Jessica Donovan, Founder and Owner ofEnergetic Mama


Laura continues to inspire me through her commitment to developing high quality, important resources that help Australians reduce their impact and improve their quality of life. In a world where eco “resources” abound, it can be hard to sift the wheat from the chaff. Highly committed to advocacy of eco-conscious living, and with two environmental degrees to back her up, Laura Trotta is the Australian authority on authentic sustainable living.

Eva Van Striip, Owner of Oz Baby Trends and Founding Member of the Australian Nappy Association


Laura Trotta is my go-to resource for all things eco-friendly and sustainable. Laura’s qualifications and extensive knowledge mean I can rely on her information and research to be up to date and reliable. She is very skilled at conveying this information to the public in an easy to understand and achievable manner. Laura really is an ecoceptional mum!’

Sonia Donaldson, Founder and Owner, Natural New Age Mum

When it comes to the environment, it’s not a question of ‘Is there
anything I can do?’ The REAL question is ‘Can you really afford NOT to
take action?’

Make the choice to get rid of your ‘green guilt’, and start moving
towards a future that you (and your children) can be proud of.

Trust me, you’ll never look back…

A tree is planted with every copy sold through Trees for Life.

About the author

Laura Trotta is one of Australia’s leading home sustainability experts. With multiple qualifications in environmental science and engineering, 11 years working as an environmental professional, and an award-winning online eco biz, she knows what’s what when it comes to protecting the planet and creating a greener future. Laura has won numerous awards for her fresh and inspiring take on living an ‘ecoceptional™’ life and is known as a thought leader who’s not afraid to challenge the status quo.