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I Help Eco-Conscious Businesses Package Their Knowledge and Services into Leveraged Offerings so They Can Make a Bigger Impact and Earn with Ease

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As a veteran online ecopreneur, Laura knows how to grow an ethical and sustainable business online. She’s been doing just that for over 11 years!!

Through her award-winning online sustainable living courses, top-ranked Eco Chat podcast and through founding, growing (and selling) her online eco stores Sustainababy and Sustainahome, Laura has guided thousands of conscious consumers worldwide to create a healthier, more sustainable home and lifestyle.

Laura is an experienced eco business coach and loves nothing more than inspiring and empowering her clients to tap into the power and reach of the Internet to grow their brand and make a bigger impact. She has guided hundreds of educators, experts, coaches and consultants to make a bigger impact and earn with ease by packaging their knowledge and expertise into offers online.

The combination of Laura’s first-hand eco business experience and her successful 13-year career as an environmental engineer make her the perfect mentor for businesses wanting to create a better world.

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The conscious BUSINESS BUILDERS Podcast

Finally there’s a podcast for conscious business builders by an actual conscious business builder!!!

With leading experts, simple action plans, and actionable advice pumping through your earbuds, the Conscious Business Builders podcast has earned its stripes as *can’t miss* listening for thousands of entrepreneurs like you who are keen to grow their business so they can make a bigger impact.


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How to package your experience and expertise into online products and services for success

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