If you’re looking for help to clarify your vision for the year ahead in business and life this episode is for you. I’m sharing a simple tip that can help you focus on what you want and set the framework for you to go out there and make it happen.

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Over the past few years my kids have enjoyed watching children’s shows on TV and I must agree I have too. There’s such humour and engagement in kids shows and of course, many of them are educational too. My boys’ have loved stamping along to Sesame Street’s ‘The Count’ as he leads the ‘What’s the Number’ chat in every episode. If you’re not familiar with Sesame Street, the number of the day is featured through the storylines of the episode so by the end of the show viewers are pretty familiar with the number.

What’s the number? Stamp. Stamp.

What’s the number? Stamp.

The number of the day is …..

It’s simple and clever programming by Sesame Street to integrate fun and learning into every episode and they don’t limit it to numbers. 

They have a letter and a word of the day too. Like the number of the day, the letter and word of the day is woven into all the storylines of the episode to result in an entertaining educational lesson for kids.

Sesame Street’s number and word of the day help to shape the content and creative direction of each episode. They’ve been doing this for decades and the success of the brand clearly shows they’re on to a winner.

Even if your business has nothing in common with Sesame Street you can take a leaf out of their book to contribute to your success by choosing a word of the day, week, month or year… or whatever period you like!

The Benefit of Choosing a Word of the Year

Just like Sesame Streets’ Word of the Day provides the theme for the episode, a Word of the Year can give you clarity and point of focus for the year ahead. It’s a simple tool for finding your vision for the year.

Every January for the past five years or so I’ve chosen a word for the year ahead to reflect what I’d like my year in business to be. And every year I’ve found that my Word of the Year has provided a point of clarity that I can revisit throughout the year if I get stuck or off-track. At every major decision point or new opportunity throughout the year I ask myself if my decision is aligned to my Word of the Year. There has to be a really good reason to progress if it isn’t aligned!

How to Choose a Word of the Year

If you’re new to choosing a word of the year for your business you might be wondering how to go about choosing one. I find that the word always comes to me every year when I create some space and simply ask myself the question “What do I want this year in business to be like?”

You may find the word immediately comes to you, or you may find you need to journal around this question until you stumble on the best word for your year ahead. Don’t take it too seriously. Have a bit of fun in the process and before too long you’ll have a word that suits you to a tee.

Want to grow your business in the year ahead?

Words like bloom, soar or elevate might appeal.

Want to stand out from the crowd more in the year ahead?

Words like shine, magnetic, sparkle or visibility might take your fancy.

Want to work smarter and not harder in the year ahead?

Words like leverage, ease, automate, systems or team might suit you.

My word for 2020 is “SIMPLIFY” and like every other year it just revealed itself to me in early January when I asked myself what I wanted to focus on this coming year. After just a few short weeks I’ve already found that my word has helped guide some decisions in my business and life.

I’ve decluttered areas of my home that have been waiting for my attention and sucking my energy for months and I’ve turned that same enthusiasm to my business to evaluate what I can prune in order to grow. This year I want to work smarter, not harder and in order to do that I really need to simplify my services, offerings, even business model first.

Can you help me achieve my Word of the Year?

Now I have plenty of ideas on how I can simplify my business this year, but before I race ahead and implement, I really wanted to ask your advice on how I can best help you grow your conscious business.

Please take 3 minutes to share your thoughts HERE.

The exciting news is that if you share your thoughts before 14 February 2020 you’ll go into the draw to WIN a 45 minute 1:1 business coaching session with me.

Final Thoughts

A Word of the Year is a simple and effective process that helps you to gain clarity and set your focus for what you want to achieve in business and life in the year ahead, much like Sesame Street’s word and number of the day help set the theme for the episode. So choose a Word of the Year and watch your business grow!

Over To You!

Chosen a Word of the Year? Share your word and why you chose it below in the comments below to inspire others!


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