Bill Statham was born in Toowoomba in Queensland and grew up on a dairy farm on the fertile Darling Downs. When he was in his twenties he told friends that one day he would write a book. At the time he had no idea what it would be about, but twenty years later this dream became a reality when The Chemical Maze – Your Guide to Food Additives and Cosmetic Ingredients was first published. Little did he realise all those years ago that it would become a bestseller and create an awareness that would change many people’s lives for the better.

And best seller it is! The Chemical Maze is now in its 5th edition, has sold around 250,000 copies worldwide in 9 languages and Bill has recently launched the latest version of The Chemical Maze App for Smartphones. 

To say that Bill is making a huge difference to so many people’s lives would quite possibly be an understatement and I’m so thrilled to have Bill join me on Eco Chat today!

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In this edition of Eco Chat Bill and I chat about:

  • what led Bill to creating The Chemical Maze
  •  what additives are best avoided in food
  •  what additives are best avoided in cosmetics and personal care products
  •  the natural food additive you need to be be aware of
  •  why not all additives are harmful
  •  why you need to be aware of the potential cumulative effects of combinations of reasonably benign food additives
  • how Bill keeps it real and doesn’t get too obsessive about avoiding toxins in his day to day life
  • what kickstarted Bill’s eco journey

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