If you’re keen to reduce your plastic consumption and aren’t sure what alternatives are out there for shampoo, this post is for you. I’m sharing two of my favourite plastic-free shampoo options.

One is a DIY recipe I’ve been using with much success for years and the other is my new favourite natural solid soap shampoo bar. Both options are gentle, natural alternatives to conventional shampoos (which dry out your hair) and both are gentle on our environment.

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Last year I had the privilege to travel to Antarctica with 80 other female scientists with a strong interest in sustainability. I thought I’d traveled light and had only packed natural, organic and zero waste toiletries, however my room mate had gone one step further than my reusable mini natural shampoo and conditioner bottles. She had packed a plastic-free shampoo soap bar.

I’d heard about these before but must admit I was tentative to give them a try as I thought being soap they’d dry out my hair.

But as my scientist room mate was also a gorgeous model, my concerns were literally blown up. I could clearly see that her hair was thriving with the natural soap bar she was using.

So obviously, when I returned from Antarctica I did some research and testing myself, to see if natural solid soap shampoo bars worked for me.

In this podcast / blog post I share my two favourite plastic-free shampoo options with you. One is a DIY recipe I’ve been using with much success for years and the other is… you guessed it, my new favourite natural solid soap shampoo bars.

My Favourite Plastic Free Shampoo Options


The first plastic free shampoo alternative I adopted several years ago now was the “No Poo” method.

This method involves making your own natural shampoo from sodium bicarbonate (bi carb soda) and water. Simply mix one tablespoon of bi carb soda with one cup of water and pour the mixture over your hair. Massage like you would with normal shampoo and rinse.

If desired, follow with a natural apple-cider vinegar conditioner (1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with one cup of water) but don’t leave in too long as it’s a powerful conditioner and the longer you leave it in, the oilier your hair will become.

My hair responds well to using No Poo shampoo and apple-cider vinegar conditioner and it’s an economical alternative for natural shampoos. It can just be a bit tricky travelling with a bottle of apple cider-vinegar, especially when showering at the gym, yoga studio or work offices after a cycle commute.


I was introduced to natural shampoo soap bars by my room mate on a scientific expedition ship to Antarctica in early 2018. A zero waster herself, all she used to wash her hair for the three week voyage was a natural shampoo soap bar. Given she was a stunning model to boot and her hair was gorgeous, there was no question on how well the product worked.

On returning home, I decided to give the natural shampoo soap bars a go myself and now they’re my go-to shampoo. I love the fact that they’re so nourishing and you don’t need to follow your wash with a conditioner.

I also love that the soap bar is so compact and takes up such little space while travelling. They’re a much better option than my mini shampoo and conditioner bottles that sometimes leak during transit!

If you’re keen to try natural shampoo soap bars for yourself, Sustainahome stock Australian Natural Soap Company solid shampoo bars.

Natural Solid Shampoo Bars

The Australian Natural Soap Company Solid Shampoo Bars have natural scents derived from essential oils and are enriched with moisturising plant and nut oils. They’re also Australian made, vegan friendly, palm oil free and come in biodegradable packaging. They’re available in formulations for normal, dry or oily hair, sensitive scalp and even one for your dog!

Using natural solid soap shampoo bars will treat your hair to a thorough but gentle wash that’s totally free of harsh chemicals that disrupt the natural oils our hair, scalp and waterways need to remain happy and healthy. They’re also a fabulous plastic free shampoo option!


If you’re keen to reduce your plastic consumption you’ll be pleased to know there’s a growing range of plastic free shampoo options. Give the No Poo Method or Natural Shampoo Soap Bars a try and let us know how you go!

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Have you taken steps to use a natural, plastic free shampoo? Share what changes you’ve made below!

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