Does the amount of plastic waste in society drive you crazy?

Do you like to party and entertain, but lead a busy lifestyle and want some single-use options that aren’t going to throw your green guilt into overdrive?

If that’s you, stay tuned because today I’m talking to my first real-life Eco Hero, Tina Hart from Eco Party Box.

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So I brought Tina on the show as my first real life Eco Hero because she’s doing a great job at making green mainstream. Tina is a wife, mother of four and a successful ecopreneur. She created online eco biz Eco Party Box with her husband Jonathan from their home in South Australia and is a great example of someone who’s stayed true to her passions, while providing for her family.

What I love about Tina is that she is so real and she’s open and honest about the struggles she faces with living a green lifestyle. In this interview we chatted about green guilt and how Tina manages it when it hits her.

I hope you enjoy this episode and get some good takeaways.

Click here to visit Eco Party Box’s website.