Benefits of Conscious Businesses

Some entrepreneurs start businesses for freedom, whether it’s the flexibility to work from home while raising young children, or the freedom to travel the world while working. Others start businesses for financial independence, status, and even job security (yes indeed! Gone are the days of having a safe job for life!).

Yet, there’s another breed of entrepreneur who started their business or social enterprise to make a difference and many of these entrepreneurs are changing the rules of business as we know it (hello Daniel Flynn from ThankYou!).

When I started my first online eco business in 2009, I’ll be honest and say the no.1 driver was for me to create flexible work so I could have something other than my new baby getting me out of bed in the morning. I wanted to replace my inflexible corporate career with a flexible business I could fit around family life.

However, I wanted more than this.

I wanted to create a business that was closely aligned with my passion of sustainability.

A business that would make a difference to our environment and one that ultimately would change the way humans live on this planet.

I wanted to create a conscious business. 

An impact-driven business.

A business that make a positive difference in the world and provided for my family at the same time.

Throughout the past ten years of building my first, second, and then third profitable conscious business online, I realized that there’s many benefits of building a conscious business over a conventional business.

Here’s three of them…..

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1. You’re more likely to succeed

When scoping out and planning their business, conscious business builders start with the end in mind.

From the minute they conceive their business idea they are wired to the positive impact they want to make. This becomes their WHY and guides them through the tough days, weeks, months and even years in the business building marathon.

The one thing that stops them from giving up is the exact reason why they got into business in the first place….to make a difference.

The upside of this is that conscious business builders are more motivated and determined, and therefore more destined, to succeed than conventional business builders.

2. Other people will want you to succeed

When you deeply believe in your WHY and the impact your business is making, it’s easier to bring others along the journey.

Sharing your business values and the impact its making inspires others who care about the same issues and causes to rally behind you.

It’s the opposite of the Tall Poppy Syndrome.

When your business is doing good in the world, you’ll soon grow a “tribe” of loyal fans and customers who want your business to succeed and will support you at every turn.

You only have to search any crowdfunding platform to see the archives of successful campaigns full of impact-driven projects. In fact, when I needed to raise funds upfront to create my Self Sufficiency in the Suburbs membership club, I turned to my following and within 3 weeks had not only successfully raised the $15,500 upfront, I’d proven my concept and could create my program in confidence, knowing that I had overwhelming support behind me.

3. You Can Change The World

When you create a conscious business you can literally change the world.

Your very product or service can have positive health, social or environmental benefits and you also control where your company profits go. You can sponsor a charity, a non-profit or just personally give back to the community.

Money can be a positive conduit to change and creating a thriving and profitable conscious business allows you to make that change on a grand scale.

It’s possible to create a profitable and thriving business that creates a positive impact in the world AND provides for your family.

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