Pandemic money blocks that are costing your business

The current Covid-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it and our businesses are not exempt from its impact. Daily news reports of the economic fallout from the pandemic are enough to give any entrepreneur the jitters, but is it really all bad?

Clearly not every business is struggling. The share price of Zoom Video Communications shares alone has doubled since January 2020 as more businesses have pivoted online. Likewise, the value of e-commerce platform Shopify and team management software Slack have also increased substantially. It goes without saying that there’s still plenty of opportunities to make a positive impact and earn a decent living at the same time, especially if your business is online.

In fact, what many of us may find holds us and our impact-driven businesses back during this time of uncertainty is not the lack of opportunities and paying clients, but our belief that they’re in short supply.

In this episode I’ll share three particular pandemic money blocks that are costing your business and how to overcome them. 

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I’m preparing this podcast episode off the back of my best quarter (by a mile) in business in over three years. I don’t say this to boast, but to let you know what’s possible in uncertain times. I worked very hard on my mindset in March and April, and it paid off substantially in my business bottom line.

Working on my mindset helped me to overcome some limiting beliefs and money blocks, and in turn has helped me to help my coaching clients to overcome their own blocks.

Before I share the three particular pandemic money blocks that are costing your business, let’s take a look at what are money blocks.

What are money blocks? 

Money blocks are simply negative subconscious beliefs and sabotages you have that limit you from attracting the financial abundance you desire.

They can be limiting beliefs around the effort it takes to earn money, like you need to work hard to earn money or money doesn’t grow on trees. Or they can be blocks around keeping money, like it’s greedy to have lots of money. This subconscious belief may lead you to spend all the money you have so you’re not rich, because rich = greedy in your subconscious! 

The good news about money blocks is that they can be cleared. Once you recognise that you have a money block, you can take action to tear down your old beliefs and move forward.

Now, back to those pandemic money blocks….

How do you know if you have these blocks? 

If you’ve reduced your prices substantially since the pandemic took hold, delayed a course or product launch, or simply scaled back on your promotions, chances are you may have one or more of the following pandemic money blocks. 


3 Pandemic Money Blocks that Are Costing Your Business

Pandemic Money Block #1: People Don’t Have Money To Spend Right Now

This money block is closely linked to the subconscious belief that people can no longer afford your services because money is scarce.

How it manifests: you’ve reduced your prices, you’re overdelivering with your current clients, delaying your launches or scaling back your promotions. 

Choose your new belief: Creating a new money mindset can be as simple as choosing positive money affirmations. Write down and say the following statements out loud and you’ll soon start to believe them: 

  • My services are good value for money/ my services help people make money / save money

  • Abundance is everywhere

  • This pandemic is full of opportunities for me

Pandemic Money Block #2: People Will Think I’m Greedy if I Promote My Services Now  

While a good dose of realism and empathy never go astray, this money block is not only harming your business, it’s also stopping the people who need your help from finding you.

Just this last week I bought an e-course on a specific health / wellbeing issue I wanted additional information and support to heal and I also hired a digital marketing service provider to help me with an aspect of my business that’s been sitting on my  to do list for way too long. The health e-course had hundreds of participants sign up and it was the first time this particular course has been offered. As for the digital marketing service provider, she couldn’t start work with me for several weeks because she just had too much work on. Her services were in demand.

How it manifests: you’ve removed services from your website, delayed your launches or scaled back your promotions, if you have launched you’ve reduced your prices.

Choose your new belief: There are countless ideal clients out there who need my services more than ever, and they’re willing to pay for it, right now. 

Pandemic Money Block #3: It’s not fair if my business is going well and making money when so many people and businesses are struggling financially

The underlying emotion of this money block is guilt. Who are you to have it easy when so many others are on struggle street?

Well you know what? The better your business is running, the more able you are to help others. The more you can give to charities. The more you can spend directly to help support other businesses.

How it manifests: Perhaps you’ve stopped doing what works in your business, such as shelving an e-course that converts. Or you’re spending what you’re earning so the business isn’t profitable Essentially you’re sabotaging your business success to make it harder than it needs to be for you.

Choose your new belief:  Our communities need thriving businesses right now. Thriving businesses pay taxes which are going towards health services and are also helping to support the more vulnerable members of our society. Instead of dulling your flame, switch your belief to:

  •  If my business is thriving I’m better able to help others and society at large.

  • The more money I make the more change I can make.

Final Thoughts

Times are uncertain at the moment and it’s easy to have the negative news feed play with our mindset. By discovering your pandemic money blocks and replacing them with new positive money beliefs, you’ll be better placed for your business to thrive during this time of uncertainty. In doing so, you’ll be more able to make a bigger impact by helping others and society at large.


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