The power of Packaging

If you’re looking to move away from 1:1 services but aren’t sure how to get leverage and scale in your business, this episode is for you.

I’m going to chat about the power of packaging and where to find the opportunity to package your knowledge and expertise so you and your business won’t just survive, but thrive through these uncertain times.

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I’m the first to admit that packaging didn’t come naturally to me.

My 13 years working as an environmental engineer in the corporate world, including three years in the cut-throat consulting space, made me believe my worth was limited. I had an hourly rate, a set pay grade and was expected to work a certain amount of hours each week. If I worked harder or more, which was often the case, I received the same salary. If I wanted to earn more, I needed to transition to management positions that offered little flexibility – flexibility I needed when my boys were young, and flexibility I need now as I’m raising them and navigating the world of parenting a child with additional needs and all the ongoing therapies that go with such a diagnosis.

It was during my first pregnancy in 2009 when I started to question this hours in = money out equation.

I was due to go on maternity leave and my ambition wasn’t waning. Yet I didn’t want to work as hard as I had up until that point.

I wanted to work smarter.

I wanted to work from home so I could simultaneously care for my new baby (and any children to follow).

I wanted to work on my own terms.

And so I started my first business, an online eco-baby boutique called Sustainababy. But I don’t want to talk about that venture today (despite that business winning multiple state and national awards for innovation and sustainability prior to me selling it to a new owner in 2005).

I want to talk about a pivot I made six years ago (four years into running Sustainababy) that led me to change my belief about my worth.

I want to talk about the day I started packaging my knowledge into online programs.

After years of selling eco-friendly baby products online and in person at my town’s monthly market day and advising my customers on how they could live more sustainably, I created my first online sustainability program, my Home Detox Boot Camp.

It didn’t exactly fly out of the gate – I sold six places at $297 each in my first launch.

But this quickly grew to 26 enrolments in my second round and 53 in my third round.

By my fourth launch I was bringing in over $20,000 every time I opened enrolments.

I know of other entrepreneurs out there who have had much bigger launches but to me, a work-at-home mum, living in a tiny town in the remote Australian desert, without any family support to help care for my (then) two children under five, this pivot was life changing.

That was the time I stopped believing my worth was tied to an hourly rate or pay grade.

That was the time I started to believe that my earning potential, and the impact I could make in the world, was truly unlimited.

All it took was for me to package my knowledge online to make a bigger impact and earn with ease.

If I could do it, living in the middle of nowhere, working just a couple of hours each day around caring for my young children and keeping a household going, you can too.

In this episode I want to share some packaging fundamentals that will help you to stop trading time for dollars and help you break away from serving clients 1:1.

What Does Packaging Mean?

Packaging simply means consolidating your knowledge, expertise and services into offerings that create leverage and allow your business to easily scale.

Leverage involves serving more than one client at a time (eg. more than one client can purchase and consume an e-course at a given time). Scaling your business means having the ability to grow your business without being hampered. You can handle a growing number of sales in a capable, cost-effective manner.

What are Some Example of Packages?

Packaging is not selling services at an hourly rate. It’s bundling your services into offerings that add value to your client.

You can package your knowledge into a book, online course, live event or workshop, retreat, membership, group coaching/ mastermind or even a done-for-you retainer of services if you’re a consultant.

Three Ways to Package Your Knowledge

When determining which packages to offer in your business, it’s worthwhile thinking about which of the following three package delivery options will work for you and your clients. You can offer one or all three options but your pricing will need to reflect the time required by you/ results for your client

1. Do It Yourself (DIY) – DIY packages include books and e-courses. They allow you to create the content once and sell the content again and again.

2. Done with You (DWY) – DWY packages include trainings or workshops where you’re offering some consulting or coaching as part of the package. Think of them like you’re holding the hand of your client through every step of the process.

3. Done for You (DFY) – DFY packages are the highest value packages and involve you offering consulting services in a retainer arrangement for your client, often with added extras like priority assistance and shortened turnaround times for your premium clients. An example of a DFY package may be website services, graphics design, Facebook Ad management or podcast editing retainers.

The type of package you offer depends on your personality and how you like to work, and the way your ideal client likes to engage your services. Most niches have an appetite for all three package delivery options.


Keen to learn more about how to package your knowledge?

If you’ve been feeling the call to create more leverage in your business so you can make a bigger impact, are keen to pull away from 1:1 work to conserve your energy, yet want to service more clients with ease (without working more!), you’re absolutely not alone.

Since I launched my first sustainability course online in 2014 I’ve guided countless educators, experts and consultants who yearn to make a bigger impact and earn with ease, through the process of packaging their knowledge online.

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If you’re ready to work smarter and not harder, by packaging your knowledge in to leveraged offerings, I’d love to see you in my masterclass!

Final Thoughts

Learning how to package my knowledge into leveraged offers online changed my life. It stopped me from believing that my impact and income were capped. Instead I could clearly see that both were unlimited.

If you’re over trading time for money and serving your clients 1:1 and you’re keen to work smarter and not harder, join my FREE packaging masterclass today!

Over To You!

Have you packaged your knowledge into leveraged offerings so you can make a bigger impact and earn with ease? Share your packages below! 

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