Has there been a time when LIFE got in the way of your business and you needed to park it for a while? Perhaps you put your business dreams on the backburner while you focused on whatever life was throwing up at you at the time.

If you can relate this episode is for you. I’ll be chatting about a recent time when I needed to put my business on the backburner, and how I handled this period so I didn’t throw my business out altogether.

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In my nine years of business building I’ve needed to park my business several times, but never more so than in the past year. 

This past year has been remarkable for me in so many ways…. I launched my new e-commerce business Sustainahome, my family and I moved from the small, remote town we’d lived in for 13 years to the city of Adelaide and into our new home… the home we’d designed and built. And to top things off I travelled for 5 weeks with 80 other hand-picked scientists from around the world to Antarctica for the experience of a lifetime with Homeward Bound. 

Big, exciting events.

Big change.

And big financial commitments too! Nothing speaks pressure more than a new, bigger mortgage and needing to raise $30K to accept my position to travel to Antarctica. 

I’ve always thrived on change, but it seems one of my little guys doesn’t. 

For much of last year one of my sons really struggled to adapt to his new city, new school and new home. The change was really tough on him and it got harder as the year progressed. It actually turns out he has some special needs that will need much more attention and support in the short and medium, and possibly even longer term. 

As his mum and main advocate, I needed to be there more for him.  

But there’s only one me.  

And I needed to ensure that my health and energy levels are as good as they can be, so I could continue to be there for my family too. 

Which is why I decided not to relaunch my Conscious Biz Collective mastermind in 2018 as I’d planned.  

It’s why I didn’t run any LIVE Idea to Impact workshops. 

It’s why I pressed pause on actively seeking new business coaching clients.  

It’s why I instead chose to quietly grow Sustainahome, maintain my online eco-living programs and accepted a part-time environmental engineering contract (which gets me out of the house and working with people in person… an essential ingredient in my happiness). 

Sometimes life throws curve balls at us and we need to evaluate if our business is providing the stability we (and our family) needs, or if it’s depleting our health and adding to the stress pile. 

If it’s adding to the stress pile and there are easier alternatives, it’s okay to put parts of your business (or all of your business if need be) on the backburner. 

Now I’m not saying when life gets tough you need to give up on your business dreams forever. Because a successfully run, leveraged online business will provide the freedom and flexibility to easily navigate through life’s bumpy patches.  

But if the workload is too much, pay days too erratic or stress too great right now, it’s totally okay to grow at a slower pace, cut off the parts that aren’t serving you, get a job on the side or even turn your business back into a side hustle or hobby.  

gave myself permission last year to put parts of my business on the backburner as my entire family adjusted to our new normal and I wanted let you know that’s it’s okay if you need to do the same. 

If you’d like some fresh eyes on your business to identify areas where you can simplify and streamline things so you can take a step back without impacting your profits, book your Conscious Coaching Taster with me today!  

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