How is it that some people seem to be luckier than others?

You know what I’m talking about….when someone seems to achieve everything they set out to achieve… and more?

Does it come down to good strategy and solid implementation, or is there something else at play?

Throughout my engineering career and subsequent 7+ years in online business, I’ve seen first-hand the significant role that mindset has played in my own success, and the success of my coaching clients.

But not just a positive mindset, an unwavering belief in my ability to manifest my goals and success.

Business plans, strategy, vision, roadmaps to achieve my goals.. they all come easy to me. What I’ve found is that it’s almost always been my mindset and limiting beliefs that have held me back.

I know this may come across as a bit “out there”, especially if like me, you have a strong science background, but when I actively chose to work on and develop my mindset around 3 years ago, my business truly took off….and my profits (and impact) grew as a result.

More specifically, I was able to bust through some limiting beliefs around being able to receive money for my services and I started to seriously manifest some goals of mine…. like landing a regular media segment (I’m on ABC radio every Tuesday), to asking David Attenborough a question (I was plucked from an audience of thousands in February to do just this!) to my lifelong goal of working in Antarctica (this is actually happening in Feb 2018).

How did this all this “magic” happen?

I joined a course run by Denise Duffield-Thomas, THE “Lucky Bitch” and put my learnings into place. Unlike any online course I’ve ever purchased, I continually work through Denise’s course to continually improve my success and money mindsets and manifest my goals. I’m constantly growing, and getting luckier (!), as a result.

So why am I telling you this?

Because Denise is running a FREE 5-day Manifesting Challenge starting THIS Monday 20th March where she’ll be sharing many of these lessons with you and I just know you’ll get heaps out of it.

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If anyone can help you to start flexing your manifesting muscle, Denise sure can. She’s guided thousands of entrepreneurs to an abundant mindset and I truly believe you’ll get great value from her FREE Manifesting Challenge.

I never promote or share any programs or services I haven’t completed myself with amazing results, so rest assured, you have my word that Denise will deliver on her promise. xx

Here’s to you manifesting the business and life of your dreams


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