Today I want to chat to you about putting yourself out there and asking for what you want.

Three years ago, when brainstorming ways to boost profitability in my eco-parenting retail business, I came up with the idea to collaborate with my local Council on a cloth nappy initiative.

Being passionate about increasing rates of cloth nappy usage, and knowing the Council were keen to reduce the sheer volume of waste generated by households, I prepared a proposal. I then pitched to Council my idea for every new baby in town to receive a free cloth nappy starter kit (purchased by the Council and supplied by my business).

To my delight they loved the proposal and within a couple of months my balance sheet was looking SO much healthier. But better still, I was delighted knowing my initiative had diverted hundreds of disposable nappies from landfill.

I lost count of the number of people that asked me how I got such an initiative up and running and regardless of who asked, my answer was always the same.

I asked.

There’s been many similar examples in my business since and a great one just happened this past week…..

Tonight I’m interviewing a guest for my podcast who TIME Magazine have labelled “The World’s Most Innovative Farmer”. He’s a man I admire greatly, I believe in his message and love the work he does.

For months I’ve wanted to interview him on my podcast to share his message with my following but I had that little voice in my head (you know the one!!) telling me:

“Who are you to ask?”

“Why would he come on YOUR show?”

….and I had every reason to believe these thoughts since this guy charges $2000 for a speaking gig, even if it’s just 30 minutes…..that’s how much he’s in demand.

But then I thought:

“Who am I not to ask?”

“Why wouldn’t he want to come on my show?”

“What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

And after figuring that the worst thing that could happen is that he could say no, I decided to ask anyway.

But he didn’t say no.

He said YES!!!

And even better, he’s coming on my podcast for FREE!!!

Too often our self doubt, fears and self worth get in the way of our hopes and dreams.

They get in the way of us moving forward in our business and life.

So, over to you…….

What is one thing that you really want right now that you haven’t asked for?

Why don’t you ask for it today!!

Action takers get rewarded with results so go on, ask for what you want and you may just get it.

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