In this post I’ll share how I automated my social media and got my life back in the process!

Let me let you in on a little secret.

Just a few short years ago I hated my business.

Sure I loved the fact I’d created an income aligned to my passion of sustainability. And I was stoked I could easily work around my young family and that I had the freedom to run my business from anywhere.

But I hated the constant pull of social media. And it was a constant pull.

If I wasn’t spending 2 hours + every day sharing unique content, I was checking the comments, likes and shares on my posts. And if I’m honest, comparing myself and my business to others as well.

It was exhausting. But just one tool changed all that and made my business and my life much easier.

Let me tell you about Meet Edgar.

Put simply, Meet Edgar is a social media scheduling tool. It allows you to schedule the posting of images and videos onto your Facebook pages and groups, Linked In and Twitter accounts in advance.

But where it differs from other social media tools is that you can upload your content to a library and automate them to post according to a schedule you set.

This allows you to put your social media on AUTOPILOT.

Of course for maximum connection and reach, live posting wins hands down, but if you’re going through a busy period, or simply want to take a holiday and be fully present with your significant other, friends or family, Meet Edgar is your right hand gal.

To see Meet Edgar in action, check out this 6 minute video where I take you behind the scenes of how I schedule social media in my business.

If you’re keen to learn more how Meet Edgar can help you in your business (and SAVE $10 off your first month) click HERE.

These days I no longer hate my business. I love it.

Gone are the days of being constantly attached to my phone feeding the Social Media Monster.

I wish you that freedom for you too.Here’s to taking that much deserved holiday AND leaving your computer / phone behind! 

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